Dumbo's Circus

by Elephant Room

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released November 20, 2012

All songs Mixed and Mastered by Joel Hopper
Album Illustration and Art: Brandon '"Bowski'" Calhoun
Album Art and layout Shaun wilson and Shevy Chase
All Guitar by Chris Nugent All Dj'ing by D^J-Boogieman
This album was recorded in its entirety at Island Earth Studio



all rights reserved


Elephant Room Louisville, Kentucky

Elephant Room, formed in 2009, is an alternative hip hop group out of Louisville, Kentucky. Their sound generally contains elements of hip hop, rock, and pop, while also encompassing heavy metal. The band’s name – Elephant Room, derives from the metaphor “Elephant in the room” which is largely due to the lyrical content. ... more

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Track Name: Dracula (ft. Rittz)
Verse 1 (Shevy Chase):
Feels like I’m 7’5 with a top hat
Man you can’t top that I Rock rap no red ball cap
Fuck up the game no holy matrimony
Holy moly we dope as Smokey toking and smoking on a couch that cozy
Stick my saber teeth into you rascally rabbits
Oh dag nab it it’s another black Sabbath I am back at it
I represent so follow
Rapping Rocky Marciano
Got haters throwing tomatoes (ta-ma-tas) or you could say tomatos (ta-ma-toes)
I think I lost my marbles…cause
Life’s bitch I’m playing hockey with her tonsils
It’s easy to be cheesy when you Ronald McDonald
But I’m so fucking fat I waddle around you Calvin Klein models
Go Samurai on the track bitch Bonsai
Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die
Bye bye Miss American pie
Let me spread my wings and fly high
Hook (X2):
Look at my back you can tell I’m not fronting
What’s gonna stop me probably nothing
Cause I’m a Rock star
I’m a I’m a Rock star
Fuck a bat bitch I’ll bite the head off of Dracula
Verse 2 (Papaw)
I’m a wild heathen and I’m lucky I’m even breathing
Drinking, smoking and fucking gonna catch up all of a sudden
But suddenly I’m a rock star, so I gotta play the part
Top shelf liquor no more fucking with the rot gut
Gobbledygook, these haters are talking
They’re not gonna stop me from rocking and popping off I’m Papaw
Engulfed in the flames
My Phoenix cremated whatever laid in my wake
Up out of the ashes I will ascend to my place
It’s Elephant Room and we fucking fanning the flame so remember the name
Gonna get to live out our dreams cause we achieving our goals
Cause everybody in my circle so insatiable
Verse 3 (Rittz)
On the track I’m a Samurai
Deadliest man alive
Glamorize snorting white Girl on that Pamela
If not it’s a Zany high but you ain’t a fan of mine
Man if I catch you hating you’ll be pushing up daisies and dandelions
Pussies showing their panty lines they can tell I’m the truth
You need artist development your too delicate to
Fuck with me lyrically
Literally raisin hell in the booth
I’ll have you yelling
Bailing when the bomb shell gonna go boom
It’s like I’m telling the Elephant Room
So what the hell is a goon or a goblin to someone who’s been doomed since they fell out the womb
I’m shooting like I was inside a saloon
I’ll sever the head of a giant
I’m biting the head of you Dracula rappers cause I am the deadliest dead or alive mother fucker…